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About Us

Version 2

Brian moved to Central Ohio in 2013. He quickly found his niche working in real estate and providing quality affordable spaces for families to enjoy life. He loves his family and enjoys CrossFit with his oldest kids.

Brian Rightler

Rehab Manager
Version 3

John is passionate about real estate and marketing. He focuses on growth, accuracy and efficiency within the company. He enjoys spending time with family, golf, gardening and reading self-improvement books.

John Horner

Marketing Manager
Version 3

Randa is the Office Manager for Core Developments LLC. She works with the overall functioning of the office as well as our employees. She is active on the digital presence of Core Developments with social media and marketing.

Randa Lake

Office Manager
Version 3

Darius began his Real Estate career as a buyers/sellers agent, but has changed his focus to Property Management and Residential Real Estate Investment. He enjoys staying physically active, and vacationing on Lake Erie.

Darius Fletcher

Property Manager
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Katie is passionate about empowering business owners by providing financial data that is comprehensive, and easy to understand. Personally, she enjoys spending time with her family, studying to be a deacon in her church, crafting, and cooking.

Katie Wellbaum

Version 2

Megan is the Assistant Property Manager. She handles maintenance requests, rental leads, tenant/contractor follow up, and other related tasks. When she’s not at work, she enjoys spending time with her 3 children and fiancé.

Megan Haynie

Assistant Property Manager
Version 2

Dan focuses on acquiring properties to add to our rental portfolio. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing, being outdoors, as well as spending time with his girlfriend and their two dogs.

Dan Rohrer

Acquisitions Manager

Heidi creates what you see on your screen! She take photographs, composes videos, creates social media posts, and web design. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and vacationing to Hilton Head Island, SC!

Heidi Beck

Content Creator

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